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1 year, 3 months ago Edited by Mikael Johansson on April 15, 2020, 5:02 p.m. Reason: Initial post
After spending more than a year trying to develop as a programmer, while studying to become a teacher, it is time for me to start the project up again.

After seeing a few tutorials on Jai here: it is obvious to me that I REALY want to make Glyphin in that, and make Glyphin FOR that. However, I guess it is still in closed beta? Any idea when a unknown like me will be able to get my hands on the language?

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1 year, 3 months ago
I'm also really excited with the possibilities Jai will open up! :)
Unfortunately, there's not date estimated for us mortals to get our hands on it... :(
The closed beta started (on the very last day of) last year, and only Jon knows when more people will be invited... :P

I decided not to wait for it to start developing my projects, so I'm creating the "first version" of my idea to get to know more about my problem-space while it's not released. :)