Glyphin rebooted!

Glyphin is back! And it's more useless then ever!!

After many months of falling down different rabbit holes (architectural and performance), I have nothing of value to show, but I have learned a lot. Now its time to actually get pragmatic and productive.

This is the very first release of the completely rebooted version of Glyphin. The plan is to release often, and to let the community have a say about how to shape Glyphin early in the development. This will help me to focus on things that is truly useful.

The first release is available on patreon, for only 1$/month

This version started today(!), and it is about as basic as anything can get.
It opens existing files, either from command line, or with "open with". It is read only, and the only function is pageup/pagedown to scroll.

The next release will have the possibility to write text/delete text and save the file.

So why should you care? Because this is the closest you get to making an editor to how YOU want it, without actually making it yourself.

So please get onboard, and let me know the feature you want me to focus on next. And try to be as detailed as possible about what you want. If you make a big list, then please make it in priority order.
Mikael Johansson,
And PS: It's for both Windows and Linux.
Simon Anciaux,
I feel you already said the same thing before. This will sounds negative, but maybe you should have a working editor before talking about it or charge people to use it. Releasing something, software or other is not just about publishing something you made. You'll need to provide some sort of support while working on next version and probably publishing some blog posts... This will take time, and not having to do that when you start a project will leave you with more time. And also avoid wasting others time if the project fails. Several projects on the network failed and were maybe announce to soon. I don't think a lot of people will be interested in knowing that you made a software that can only open and display text files.

I also thing that trying to make what other people want will never works because different people want different things. Why are you making a text editor ? If there is something you need that you didn't find in another editor, can't you try to make a plugin for that editor ? Are you only interested in understanding how editors works ? Does what you want to do really benefits others ? Isn't it better to make the editor you want, and then try to see if other people would be interested in buying it ?

I'm not saying you should give up on Glyphin or that it doesn't have its place here. Just that maybe it's too soon and that you should define a direction for it.
Mikael Johansson,
"but maybe you should have a working editor before talking about it"

Why? This is not Steam or iStore. As I see it, the handmade network is just as much, if not even more, about the development process as it is about the result of the process. So keeping people up to speed about the current status, from day 1, makes perfect sense to me, and that is what I will continue to do through the entire process. Small releases, often.