It has now been one month since I wrote "crossroads" and decided to completely rewrite Glyphin.
I am realy happy with the result so far. Everything is being rewritten, witch makes it possible to improve just about everything, especially my future workflow possibilites.

It it still way to early to say when Alpha 2 will be released, but my wild quess is within 1-2 months from now. I will work on it every day until it is released.

Some improvements that already exist in Alpha 2:

- Very improved keyboard support. Should be able to handle keyboards from any country without any needed settings from the user now.
- Most (maybe all) commands will be possible to do with the keyboard. Mouse will only be the default for things like resizing windows.
- Many more ways to move the cursor around with the keybaord, for improved workflow.
- Improved smooth scroll for better workflow.
- Can now handle true tabs as well as space tabs.
- Improved support for non-c languages. Now possible to not only customize keywords, but also customize triggers and clearers for text like comments, strings, chars, and so on.

Things I HOPE to implement in Alpha 2 as well:

- Modular support (like vim)
- Linux version as well as Windows version
- Better file handling
- Jump to compile error

Wish me well, and please support the project here:, so I can motivate the time I put in the project to my wife :D