To program an editor is hard. Really hard, since so many people are used to so many different things.

Working with Glyphin has come to a place where some things are just too hard to do. Way harder than they should be. I know how to solve it, but that means I have to restart the project. It means that Glyphin releases will come to a halt for now, but it will lead to a much stronger healthier, and way more awesome Glyphin in the future. The plans are big, and I know Glyphin will get there next time.

The good news is that I release Glyphin Alpha 1.2 into the wild. It will be free to download today on Patreon. I still need funding, since I work on this full time, and have no other income. So if you like what you see so far, and want a much better Glyphin in the future, please support me on Patreon. Any support is great support.
Raytio, Edited by Raytio on
Hey I have been looking for an editor.
I was just trying out Editors. I like 4coder but can not get it to work on my company network windows machine or my Macbook.

Some Feedback:
I could not easily find a way to bind CTRL IJKL keys for moving my caret around. Which for me is an absolute necessity.
I do not want my hands to ever leave the main keys.

I like the look of your editor a lot it really felt smooth and well done.

I would more be more than happy to support your Patreon except I do not think you made a case as to what you plan to do
so its hard for me to do that.

If perhaps in the future you could lay out a better case as to what would make Glyphin worth supporting whats different
what you plan to try to implement and perhaps a timeline.

I hope Glyphin continues its development as it has a really promising start.
Mikael Johansson,
Hi! I am happy to hear you are interested in Glyphin.

The reason I have not written much about Glyphins progress now is because I am full on coding it at the moment. In order to make Glyphin a healthy program that can scale to the size needed, I decided to rewrite it from the ground up. At the moment I am writing the api, and the progress is fast. In the 13 days since I wrote that post I am almost to 2k lines of good code. It still has a long way until I have sonething decent to show the world, but not super long.

The main improvement Glyphin alpha 2 will have over alpha 1.2 is keyboard handling. You wont need to bind keys to get things working, and all keys will be bindable for all actions. It will support modular keybindings. It will also have better keybaord navigations, with word-jump, change current window with keyboard, make new window with keybaord, and so on.
Other then that it will make things way more scaleable for me, and esier to work in, witch will make it possible to come with new features faster, and with less bugs.

It is very hard for me to know when alpha 2 will be released, I want it to be usefull before I release it. All I can say for sure is that I will work hard on it everyday until it is released. I will keep the progress updated here, atleast once every month.
There are alot of plans for Glyphin, and it will for sure be a long time growing project, but to much can change during the development to make to many of these plans public yet. But I will eventually.

But in general I can say, if you dont hear much from me here, its not because the project is standing still, its the opposite.