Glyphin is happy to be here!

They say that "3rd time is a charm", and when it comes to Glyphin I really feel that that is the case.
It is over 4 months since the first line started on Glyphin, and even thou that is a short time when we are developing software, Glyphin has already come a long way, thanks to what I learned from my 2 previous attempts. My first editor failed at becoming anything useful, but my second attempt, became my main editor on Linux, and even thou it was very basic, I still felt more productive in it then other editors, thanks to the great performance.

For Glyphin I wanted to keep the feeling that high performance gave, but also create something a lot more advanced, and flexible. An editor that FEELS super slim, while actually BEING advanced under the hood.

I have used Glyphin as my only editor for over a week now, and it already is so much better then the old one was. And that's while not even counting the new features like proportional fonts, syntax highlighting and threaded search.

I feel really exited about this project, and the fact that I will be able to improve upon it for years to come, and I hope, that once you get to know the project, becomes just as exited as I am!
Allen Webster,
This sounds and looks really slick! Welcome to the network, and best of luck to you! It's nice to have more people thinking about our development environment.
Mikael Johansson,
Thank you! I really hope it will be.
Just like you I was not satisfied with any editor out there. I started with code blocks, without any real reason, and it felt clunky and buggy. I tried many replacements, but none felt good enough to spend time learning, so I decided to make my own. As programmers we spend hours in our editor every week at least, for years. So no software is more important to a programmer then the editor in my opinion.

I am really looking forward to trying 4coder as well. It looks a lot more interesting then any of the other new editors out there.

I love reading your blog here by the way!