Mikael Johansson
I have decided to wait with any more releases until I have switched to the new version as my main editor. It feels better to release something I have tested alot my self.

But the progress is good. I now have:

unlimted undo/redo
Can now open directories, not only single files. And quickly move between files.
I can now compile from the program, and have small snippets in the F-keys.

Next up is some small fixes, and tab completion.
Mikael Johansson
Copy/cut/paste (Clipboard) is now added to Glyphin.

Next stop: Umlimited undo/redo.
Mikael Johansson
One small step closer towards a usefull program.

Glyphin can now write text, delete text, and save the file. ASCII only for now.

Next stop: copy/cut/paste, including to/from other programs.
Mikael Johansson
Glyphin is back! And it's more useless then ever!!

After many months of falling down different rabbit holes (architectural and performance), I have nothing of value to show, but I have learned a lot. Now its time to actually get pragmatic and productive.

This is the very first release of the completely rebooted version of Glyphin. The plan is to release often, and to let the community have a say about how to shape Glyphin early in the development. This will help me to focus on things that is truly useful.

The first release is available on patreon, for only 1$/month

This version started today(!), and it is about as basic as anything can get.
It opens existing files, either from command line, or with "open with". It is read only, and the only function is pageup/pagedown to scroll.

The next release will have the possibility to write text/delete text and save the file.

So why should you care? Because this is the closest you get to making an editor to how YOU want it, without actually making it yourself.

So please get onboard, and let me know the feature you want me to focus on next. And try to be as detailed as possible about what you want. If you make a big list, then please make it in priority order.
Mikael Johansson
There is still alot of featuers missing in Glyphin alpha 2, but I have released a pre-alpha for patreons to download here:, and see how the projects is going.