Glyphin is a extremely high performing code editor, that will work just as smoothly with a 20kb file as with a 10GB file! The focus while developing Glyphin is to make it a distraction free, high performing and intelligent multi purpose code editor.

In order to make it easy to use for everyone, while giving programmers the possibility to customize the editor to their liking, the editor will be as flexible as possible, through simple changes in plain text files. This will also make it easy for the community, to create and share things like themes, language support, and key bindings.

However, the plan is for Glyphin to be ready to go and easy to use, straight out-of-the-box!

Not every file programmers works on is code, and I hope to make Glyphin good at understanding what it is editing, being it code, log files, documentation, or a mail, and change its behavior accordingly.